Peter Sunde se voit refusé son dernier recours en justice
Europe/Paris Créée le 4 février 2012 à 0h12
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Le fameux site The Pirate Bay est actuellement dans la tourmente, nous annonce Le Monde, puisque les trois fondateurs viennent d’épuiser un de leurs derniers recours contre leur incarcération.

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Perso, j'aime bien son texte, ainsi que bon nombre des efforts du bonhomme, et regrette un peu de ne pas m'y être intéressé plus, et plus tôt.

Pull up aussi pour ce commentaire trouvé sur le blog de Sunde:
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It should be clear to everyone now that the government of Sweden is corrupt, as are its courts. They are full of cronies and corrupt actors and should be disobeyed at every turn.

All of you who still believe in democracy have just had a world-wide wake up call. ACTA, SOPA, NDAA and its bastard siblings are right in your face, and like Morlocks in the dark you are stunned by their bright and dangerous light.

None of these pieces of legislation, the legislatures that drafted them and voted upon them, the governments that enforce them; none of them are legitimate. They have no moral authority over you. The people behind the curtain are entirely against you and they want to fleece and control you like dumb sheep.

All of you Swedes who harp on about your democracy, how it is so civilised and advanced; you are all idiots. A civilised society could never put Brokep into jail. It would never have developed the apparatus to attack TPB as it has. Despite all the evidence in front of you, you still support the idea of the State and democracy, with a religious fervour that makes all awake and thinking men sick to their stomachs.

What are you going to do now that Brokep is headed to Swedish prison? Are you going to sign a petition? Are you going to DDOS some State owned servers? The fact of the matter is none of you have any idea of what to do next. You have no strategies, no overview of the basic facts of all of this and are nothing more than cattle waiting to be rounded up and slaughtered.

You people had better wake up to the truth about ‘your society’ and then draw up plans to dismantle it permanently. If you do not do this, the TPB takedown is only the first of many and ever greater abuses that you are going to suffer.

You are not going to find your solution in the election of new pot bellied democracy boosting dullards with a different face and a set of ideas that are in tune with yours. The entire idea of democracy is a fraud and immoral; this is the fundamental truth that you need to come to terms with and address.

I sincerely hope that some of you have some balls and are ready to whisk Brokep and the others who are going to be kidnapped and locked up to a safe location. All the millions of anons out there, with the billion dollars they have at their command should be able to keep the admins of TBP out of the hands of the State indefinitely… oh wait, they can’t even keep themselves out of jail; how are they going to protect Brokep?

I hope that you are beginning to get a sense of the bigger picture and problem. No matter what you say online, no matter what server you take down or petition you sign, you are utterly powerless against the State as long as you stick to these same, tired, useless tactics of ‘opposition’.

Make no mistake. This is absolutely crucial. If you people cannot protect Brokep and the TPB staff, why should anyone else put their head up over the parapet to offer you the services that you should expect to see popping up on the internet? The risk is high, and as Brokep says himself, there is no money in it, so why should anyone literally risk their lives for you, if when the crunch comes, you cannot effectively rally to their defence?

In the end, the copyright monopoly is going to fall because they do not have the intellectual capacity to create business models that fit into the way the internet works. The question is not if they are going to fall, it is when. I say to you that Brokep should not be sacrificed because he was a pioneer. I say that if you prevent him from being put in jail, this will accelerate the fall of the copyright monopoly. I agree that there should be a world-wide boycott of the purchase of all copyright monopoly ‘intellectual property’ until the illegitimate sentences imposed on the TPB operators are rescinded.

You may have your own ideas about what to do about all of this. Fine. As long as what you do actually does something real and effective, its a good thing. If however, your ‘solution’ is more of the State, or replacing the evil men at the levers of the State with people who you like, then I am not with you and I hope that you are destroyed.

The State is the single unified enemy that we all face. Its cronies, enablers, apologists, hangers on and apparatus are the problem. Until you face this fact squarely, and design strategies to destroy it, Brokep and TPBs problems and sacrifices will have been for nothing.

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